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Evolving Marketplace

Our customers tell us that their number one concern is the 

continuing rise in medical costs. Is this a concern of yours?

Medical Cost Inflation
Increasing Employee Benefit Costs
Cyber, computer, technology risks/data breaches
Legal liability, including risks of being sued

And this percentage is

estimated to continue to rise

to 67% by 2019.

We get injured employees back 

to work as soon as medically 

appropriate and provide 

industry-leading medical 

management that has enabled

us to achieve a combined ratio 

result which is 11 points better 

than the industry average 

over the last 5 years.

The medical landscape 

has changed significantly 

over the last decade. 

Chronic pain claims have

become more prevalent and 

opioid prescription drug usage

has increased significantly.


1 in 6

More than


65% of our

workers compensation

claim costs come

from 10% of

our claims

Managing Your Total Cost of Risk 

Evolving claim and risk control medical management capabilities to help control your total cost of risk



for a modern workforce

TravComp digital capabilities improve injured employee engagement to help make the workers compensation claim process better for everyone.

Travelers provides your injured employees an enhanced, flexible, mobile experience through our industry-first digital portal, MyTravelers for Injured Employees. This secure, cutting edge web-based tool serves as the centralized access point for all your injured employees’ workers compensation claim needs. MyTravelers for Injured Employees was built to meet our customers' and their injured employees’ changing needs and modernize the workers compensation claim process.



• Innovation    • Expertise    • Data & Analytics    • Prevention

Travelers has been focused on medical for the last two decades. Travelers Medical Advantage is the depth and breadth of medical management capabilities we offer throughout all of our casualty lines, and the advantages these capabilities afford our mutual customers in the management of their casualty programs and their total cost of risk. We believe, given the current and future environment facing us and our customers, having this medical advantage is more important than ever.


ConciergeCLAIM® Nurse

35% reduction in days out of work

86% reduction in attorney representation
39% reduction in days to closure
18% reduction in overall claim costs

Travelers Early Severity Predictor®

Contributed to a 30% reduction in the use of opioids
50% reduced loss costs
25% reduction in surgeries
10% fewer lost time days – helps Injured employees recover faster and return to work sooner

Travelers Early Severity Predictor®

With our Early Severity Predictor predictive model, we have been able to improve claim outcomes by up to 50 percent on claims that go through our program. Historically, approximately 75 percent of these at-risk injured employees would have had surgery as part of their medical treatment. With our Early Severity Predictor, these surgeries have been reduced by more than 25 percent, thus reducing injured employees’ further exposure to opioids. In addition, the Early Severity Predictor has helped injured employees recover faster and return to work sooner with 10% fewer lost time days, which benefits both the injured employee and our customers. Our Early Severity Predictor model also contributed to a 30 percent reduction in the use of opioids among the more than 500,000 injured U.S. employees it has helped since 2015.




Our SMART medical bill review

and industry-first comprehensive Ancillary Benefits Management product deliver
$162 million savings,
beyond the savings achieved by standard automated bill review processes.


Travelers Cultural Advantage

enables us to connect

23% reduction in attorney involvement
24% improvement in return-to-work within 30 days over non-Cultural Advantage claims
8% reduction in overall claim costs

Optimal Claim Outcomes

Travelers Workforce Advantage

> Develop and enhance safety culture

> Find and secure the most qualified person

> Educate and prepare employees through onboarding

We feel “Travelers Workforce Advantage” is a holistic and integrated approach to building a safe and healthy workforce to mitigate the impact of rising medical costs and help clients attract and retain talent. It leverages our strong research, data and analytics, and it is linked to the intelligence and capabilities from Travelers Medical Advantage.


Leading digital capabilities

Enhanced injured employee experience and engagement through MyTravelers injured employee portal


66% of injured employees return to work within 30 days

Medical savings

Average 63 cents saved per every medical dollar billed

Medical network

Approximately 81% medical provider network penetration and 87% pharmacy network penetration


47% overall cost reduction and 10% of total medical spend vs 14% medical spend for the industry


Recovery rates exceed the industry benchmark rates by approximately 151%

Sustained denial

19% WC sustained denials

Workers Comp combined ratio

Average 11 points lower than industry over past 5 years