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all the ways we can help protect your business.
A golf shop employee skims money from the register, putting the store’s profits in the hole.

Travelers’ coverage is better than par, automatically including Employee Theft & Dishonesty protection.

A hardware store’s revenue gets hammered when a hurricane causes a two-day power outage.
Travelers really nails it with coverage for business interruption from utility services for up to $25K.
During an electrical storm, a power surge crashes a party supplies store’s computer systems.

Travelers’ protection against damage to computer equipment, data and media is cause for celebration.

A smash-and-grab burglary threatens to devour a bakery owner’s livelihood.
Travelers provides a winning recipe of coverages, including protection against damage from vandalism and theft.
A jeweler’s sterling reputation is tarnished when malware exposes personal customer information.
Travelers can help to cover expenses following a data breach. Our cyber protection is so hot, you’ll want to put a ring on it.
A supplier’s warehouse fire delays a toy store’s shipment of the year’s most anticipated video game.
Travelers offers revenue protection when a supplier is impacted by a covered loss. It’s like a cheat code for your business.
A trophy store’s shipment of plaques – intended for a soccer league ceremony – goes out of bounds.
Travelers offers medal-worthy coverage to protect shipments that are lost or damaged due to a covered loss.
the risks your business faces is the key to making sure you are properly insured.


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